Export Sharp Edges as Vertex Normals – Day 4

Spent a few hours on polishing the core code – removed some unused elements, gaining a few CPU cycles and over all, reducing temp edge data from 80 bytes to 48 bytes per edge (on 64 systems)! Also made some more tests, everything still successful. 🙂

Also reworked the API… Still very basic, but less nasty than first version imho. Now waiting feedback from Cambpell about it (issue here is that we have too much ways to do it, need some advices about the best one!).

Current patches: core and obj exporter.

So I’d say the core goal of the project is now done (remaining bits – FBX export & adding split angle threshold – are trivial). If current API is validated, will try to get that reviewed asap, and then will see about adding 3D View visualization…

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