6.1-ASCII FBX Export – Tests Needed!

Hi everyone,

So I finally got to the end of my first refactor of FBX export. Do not yet expect 7.3 support or binary export, but here are the news:

  • Export polygons an no more tessellated quads/tris!
  • Export split vertex normals.
  • General cleanup of code (in mesh export only), much compact and somewhat better performances (about 20%, with size reduction of color/uv layers).

I did some quick tests with the only tool I found available for free under Linux (Beginner license of HoudiniFX), things seems to work OK, but I’d like to get some more tests from artists here who also have Maya/3DS Max available… Simply replace existing io_scene_fbx directory (in your addons path) with this one.

6 thoughts on “6.1-ASCII FBX Export – Tests Needed!

  1. Hi. I just updated Blender to 2.69 and tested the FBX Exporter but still can’t figure out if a feature is not supported or I’m doing something wrong.

    Basically normal map textures in Blender are not being exported to FBX.

    I created a model, unwraped it into an UV map, loaded my normal map into this UV map, added a texture to the mesh’s material, loaded the normal map into this texture, checked “Normal Map” into the “Image Sampling” tab, chose “UV” for the “Coordinates” option inside the “Mapping” tab and checked “Normal” with value 1.0 in the “Influence” tab.

    So I think I checked every normal map related option in Blender, but when exporting this model no reference to a normal map is made. The texture is exported as well as the UV map, but no normal map information is present on the FBX file and both Maya and LibGDX fail to load this model with the normal map (they load it as a diffuse map).

    Here’s a simple model (the default cube in Blender) with a normal map applied and the resulting exported FBX file: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxpQn5Rp9gHJRXdCZVJrNGdHZjQ&usp=sharing

    • No, there is absolutely no support for NormalMap (nor any “special” kind of texture) in current 6.1 ASCII exporter.

      I’m currently working on a new, 7.3-Bin exporter (will make a post here soon, when I have something enough advanced to show), which should ultimately have a much advanced and modern support of FBX material/texture – but this is a hell of a work! 😛

      • Thank you. I’ve spent a week searching for this info, every forum I went just went dead every time someone asked this question.

        Do you think it’s possible to export a simple diffuse map and then edit the resulting FBX file to convert it to a normal map? Or are normal maps in FBX too complex to simply convert from a diffuse map?

      • It *may* be possible (by renaming LayerElementTexture to LayerElementTextureNormalMap, perhaps), but I can’t swear anything.

        Unfortunately, FBX designers never ever went even remotely near the definition of “simplicity” or “consistency” (except perhaps in a pataphysician dictionary) – not to mention the one for “open format”… :/

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