New FBX 7.4 binary in Blender

Well, just a short note about the fact that since yesterday, I pushed new FBX 7.4 binary exporter in Blender’s FBX IO addon. So it should be available in this night’s builds of our buildbot!

Here is a short list of what’s working, implemented but buggy, and still TODO currently:

Implemented and expected to be working!

  • Objects, and simple parent relations between objects (not through constraints, though).
  • Lamps.
  • Cameras.
  • Meshes, including:
    • UVs.
    • VCol.
    • (Split)Normals, tangents and bitangents (does not handle the 7.4-new “weights” for those, though).
    • Smooth groups (edges or faces).
    • Faces’ material indices.
  • Materials (Phong or Lambert shading).
  • Textures (only image/video type, embedding should work, needs ‘COPY’ path mode).
  • Materials <-> Textures relations: textures can affect:
    • DiffuseFactor, DiffuseColor.
    • TransparencyFactor, TransparentColor.
    • EmissiveFactor, EmissiveColor.
    • AmbientFactor.
    • SpecularFactor, SpecularColor.
    • Shininess, ShininessExponent.
    • ReflectionFactor, ReflectionColor.

Implemented, but buggy/needing testing!

  • Armature linked to mesh. Binding code itself seems to work OK, but bone’s orientations are usually completely wrong when I import back, still have to figure out what happens here…

TODOs, mandatory

I.e TODOs that need to be addressed before we can consider the exporter finished.

  • Normal/bump connections for Materials <-> Textures relations – includes handling more mapping types too.
  • A few meshes layers (like e.g. edge crease).
  • Add option to export other geometries (curves, texts, metaballs) as meshes.
  • Add support for some basic objects constraints (trackto, limit loc/rot/scale, …).
  • Animation!!!

TODOs, optional

I.e. things that we might want to add, if time allows.

  • Shapekeys?
  • Export Curves (FBX is supposed to support them)? Not sure it’s much portable though, so probably not worth waiting time on it?

6 thoughts on “New FBX 7.4 binary in Blender

  1. Could you make sure that the materials exported are named just like the materials in Blender, without textures’ names applied? It’s really irritating when exporting to Unity.

    • Eeeeh… I can assure you the exporter only uses Blender’s material names for the FBX material nodes… So I guess it’s Unity which mixes back materials and textures? Unless you are using the old (deprecated) 6.1 version (only one available in official 2.70, by the way, you have to download a nightly build from to test the new 7.4 exporter).

  2. The file,exports well now, materials are there.
    I noticed a couple of weird issues like the normals beeing wonky in Unity with the binary while ok with ASCI.

    Also in UE4 the binary version was facing down, while ASCI with the same setting was facing up.

    I guess it’s not a very well documented report, so I’ll try to make an actual bug report if I have some time.

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