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Hey, just a quick one, to share those two nice articles buy Dalai Felinto and Micthell Stokes, in case some of you did not saw them already. 😉

And if I may spoil a bit about 2.72, it should have more FBX feature support (noticeably ShapeKeys in both export and import, and basic import support for armatures and animations)… and who knows, maybe even some custom split normals? 😉


Loop normals: first step needs testing!

Hi guys,

I (hopefully) mostly finished first step in loop normals work. Now, all objects have the option to enable loop normals (with an optional angle threshold above which edges are always sharp). Once enabled, final derived meshes (structs representing objects to draw or render) gets a normal CD layer for their loops (and a tessellated version for its tfaces as well). Those loop normals allow to represent flat faces and sharp edges. As a temp UI, I added loop normals and angle options in the “Item” panel, “Properties” of the 3DView.

Code can be checked out from my svn branch,

EDIT We are now using GIT and Phabricator, so this work is now hosted in a Differential revision instead of a branch:…

These data are used in OpenGL preview (only when “VBO” option is enabled, for now, I prefer to modify viewport code as few as possible currently!), and for tangent space compute as well (note that for this one, I assumed it is only used over final dm, this may not be always true, have to check this yet). These are also the same as exported in OBJ and FBX.

Only remaining TODO for this first step is to export TSpace in FBX (btw, if someone could provide me one or two simple ASCII FBX files with TSpace data, would be nice 😉 ) – and of course, to test!

I hope the core algo to compute loop (split) normals is now OK (I fixed two bugs here recently :/ ), but esp. tspace/loopnormals combinations are to be checked carefully (baking)…

EDIT CoDEmanX just uploaded a Windows build of the WIP branch: Many thanks to him! 😀